New Kids on the Block: Oakmont Capital Services Reflects on Work Truck Week 2023

NTEA, or the Association for the Work Truck Industry, has held an annual Work Truck Week Expo for the last 20 years. What makes this show unique is its focus on vocational trucks, inviting a variety of industries to attend and 2023 was no exception.

Everyone from body manufacturers, parts suppliers, and more gathered this past March in Indianapolis to talk shop and share the latest technological advancements in work truck innovations. Oakmont Capital Services’ work truck industry aficionados, Michael McElroy, CLFP & Director of Business Development, and Chad Primus, CLFP & Business Development Officer, were among the thousands who descended on the Indiana Convention Center and Hilton Hotel.

2023 was the first year OCS exhibited at the industry-leading tradeshow. As a result, we took time to sit down with Michael and Chad to learn more about their experience.

Michael McElroy, CLFP and Director of Business Development

Michael McElroy, CLFP and Director of Business Development


Chad Primus, CLFP and Business Development Officer

An interview with Oakmont Capital Services’ Work Truck Experts

Q: Chad and Michael, why did OCS decide to exhibit at Work Truck Week 2023?

Chad: It made sense to attend because OCS currently finances all types of vocational trucks. Work Truck Week is such a broad show that it covers dozens of industries.

Michael: With all the truck manufacturers, body manufacturers, and parts suppliers that are exhibiting, we felt it would be better to exhibit at the show ourselves rather than just walk it. It’s a great forum to connect with the vendors and dealers that are walking the show and visiting the booths.

A crowd of people at the WTW'23 show.

The Work Truck Week 2023 busy show floor.

Q: What types of equipment did you see at WTW’23?

Chad: Off the top of my head: step vans, box trucks, mechanic trucks, dump bodies, bucket trucks, tool trucks, landscape bodies, hook lift trucks, and more.

Q: You mentioned a wide range of industries attend. What industries are these and why do they use/need work trucks?

Michael: Nearly all industries use trucks. The major difference in their use depends on the different work bodies attached to them. The construction industry, landscapers, tree care providers and arborists, tool trucks, delivery services, waste & septic specialists, utility providers, etc. – they all need trucks.

a collage of vehicles and equipment OCS finances for customers in all 50 states.

From the top left to bottom right, examples of work trucks OCS has financed for customers in all 50 states: tool trucks, box truck, step van, and dump bodies.

Q: NTEA, the Association for the Work Truck Industry, says a driving factor for audience attendance among industry experts is the showing and sharing of work truck innovations. Is there new equipment or technology on the market, and if so, what types?

Chad: What stood out to me were several truck manufacturers showcasing electric trucks. There was an entire day dedicated to this environmentally friendly technology the day before the WTW show started. It was called the Green Truck Summit and it also happens every year.

Q: What can Oakmont Capital Services offer truck upfitters, chassis manufacturers, and other vendors/dealers in this sector?

Michael: We offer equipment financing in many industries, and we understand those industries, too. When truck dealers are selling across different markets, they may struggle to find a source as easy and flexible to work with as OCS which can make it possible for their customers. What makes us a preferred lending partner for the industry is our dedicated team of finance professionals who have a 4.9 average five-star Google rating. We’re dedicated to providing a superior customer service experience.

Chad: Not to mention, we’re all real people!

Michael: Yes, with A.I. a hot topic of conversation, we’re proud that our credit team reviews every application that comes in. Whether it’s a tool truck dealer looking to purchase a mobile showroom or a contractor in need of a work truck, we look at every applicant on an individual basis and make decisions from there. This truly makes us a unique commercial loan provider.

Chad: Don’t get us wrong – we love technology at OCS and have adopted programs to assist with the financing process. We use remote online notary, or RON, so customers can sign required documents easily and securely. We also use e-docs. But we definitely have a balance between technology and the human touch.

The OCS booth at Work Truck Week 2023.

The OCS booth at Work Truck Week 2023.

Q: You already mentioned a great customer service experience and virtual financing, but what else sets OCS apart from other direct lenders in the equipment finance sector?

Michael: The professional, personal, and convenience-focused approach by which we get deals done combined with the knowledge of the industries we work in sets us apart.

A word cloud comprised of the most common words used in OCS’ Google Reviews. (Note: this cloud was created using over 300 customer reviews about Oakmont Capital Services.)

A word cloud comprised of the most common words used in OCS’ Google Reviews. (Note: this cloud was created using over 300 customer reviews about Oakmont Capital Services.)

Q: What are you looking forward to the most at next year’s Work Truck Week show?

Chad: This was our first year exhibiting at the show, so we were unsure of what to expect. I think we’ll be focusing on how to reach even more prospective clients in the work truck market. Personally, I’m looking forward to meeting new contacts, especially now that we’re no longer the ”new kid on the block.”


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