Working Capital Loans

What is working capital, and how does it impact your business? Working capital is defined as a company’s available capital for daily operations at any given point in time; basically, the difference between a company’s current assets and liabilities (i.e. working capital equals current assets minus current liabilities).

Having more assets than liabilities enables a business to operate effectively and cover any short-term debt. The amount of working capital a business has is a good measure of its liquidity, efficiency, and financial health. In fact, 56% of small businesses are applying for working capital, so there’s no shortage of need or doubt for its necessity in running a “liquid” business.

At Oakmont Capital Services, we believe every business – regardless of size – should be able to secure a loan to take advantage of growth opportunities. That’s why we offer working capital business loans starting at $25,000.

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Use Working Capital Loans For:

  • Expanding or Remodeling Facilities

  • Purchasing Inventory

  • Managing Seasonality

  • Project or Gap Financing

  • Marketing and Promotions

  • Unexpected Expenses

  • Equipment Repairs

How Do I Apply for a Working Capital Loan?

To get your working capital loan, contact our financing professionals at 877-701-2391 or or complete a simple, one-page online application. Fuel your business growth and turn opportunities into reality!

When our customers approach us about financing a piece of commercial equipment, we do our best to secure the money they need to help fuel business growth. But we also started asking, ‘Is this equipment purchase part of a bigger project?’ If the answer is ‘yes,’ we want to make sure small businesses don’t miss out on any opportunities to grow. That’s why Oakmont Capital Services now offers working capital.

Jim Peach, CLFP
Vice President Sales at Oakmont Capital Services


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